This DIY center piece is easily made with one bag of Diamond In-Shell mixed nuts. It’s the perfect way to add sparkle and greenery to your holiday dinner table.

Supply List:supplies

  • 1 Bag of Diamond In-Shell Mixed Nuts
  • Gold spray paint
  • Toothpicks
  • Glass Candle Jars or Glasses
  • Epsom Salt
  • Gold Wire Ribbon
  • White Candles (thin ones work best)
  • Assorted artificial flowers and greens
  • Wood Slice the size you want your centerpiece to be
  • Green floral wire (optional)

Step 1:

To Paint In-Shell Nuts: Insert one end of a toothpick through the bottom of each nut and the other end of the toothpick through a box or piece of Styrofoam. This will help the nuts stay upright and ensure they get a nice even coverage of spray paint on all sides. Use the gold spray paint to coat your nuts. I wanted some accented with gold and some natural, so I just painted the walnuts. Have fun with the mixed nuts and choose the ratio that works for your style!

step1Step 2:

Pour a little Epsom salt in the bottom of each glass that you are using for your candles. I used 3 because that is what worked with the size of the wood slice I had. The Epsom salt will serve as an anchor to hold your candle in place, which is especially important if your candle has a tapered end.

Step 3Step 3:

Insert your candles into the Epsom salt and wiggle them back and forth a few times to make sure they are in securely. It’s important to pick fairly thin candles and to put them in slightly off-set from center so that you have room for your Diamond In-shell Nuts.

Step 2Step 4:

Start filling your glasses with an assortment of nuts to fill in around your candle. You can use a pencil to help push some down carefully if you need to.
step 4Step 5:

I wanted my candle holders to have a tiered look for added visual interest. I took the gold ribbon off the spool it came on and used the empty spool as a base for one of my shorter glasses to raise it up. You can see below that it is just an empty ribbon spool underneath the glass in the middle. It will be completely covered with greens and ribbon and you will never even notice it.

step 5Step 6:

This is an optional step. You can use the green floral wire to attach the pieces of ribbon to your greens so they don’t slide around. Just cut off a small amount and twist tightly around each ends making sure you are doing it on the part of the greens that will be hidden.

step 6Step 7:

Continue arranging greens, ribbon and scattered gold walnuts around the candleholders until you achieve the look you are going for!

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