Our Growers

When you buy Diamond of California nuts, you’re not just purchasing the best-tasting nuts on grocery store shelves; you’re supporting a collective of farmers who have proudly grown them for generations. And while nut farming may have changed a bit in the past century, our commitment to our growers – and their commitment to cultivating the highest-quality nuts – hasn’t.

Farmed with pride

Henry Eilers Sr.’s family’s farm has been in business for more than 144 years! He generated his first allowance, and simultaneously cultivated a lasting love for farming, when his father gifted him a row of walnut trees as a young boy.

Family-owned farms

Trees aren’t the only things with roots out here. The hard but fulfilling work of walnut farming is a labor of love for Henry Metzler and his wife, Mitsy. Three generations of Metzlers can be found getting their hands dirty, enjoying the country life on their family-owned and operated farm.

Behind every Diamond of California nut is a farmer

Of California’s 4,000+ walnut farms, over 96% are family-owned. Brothers Eric and David Miller and their father, Richard, are just one family who grew up with farming in their blood – still building on experience today that was gained as early as five years old.