Winter is my favorite time of year to entertain. It’s cold outside, so everyone could use a cocktail (or two) and a plate full of snacks to warm up! As you know by now, I’m always on the lookout for recipes that look and taste amazing but aren’t too time consuming to make. An over-flowing cheese plate checks all the boxes!

The key to a successful cheese plate comes down to two things: 1. A sampling of cheeses with varying textures and 2. Accessories. A spoonful of jam, a drizzle of honey and few thin slices of apple are all nice additions, but (surprise!) my favorite add-on is nuts! Each nut has a complementary cheese, and after lots of cheese eating research these are my favorite combos:

Almonds + Cheddar – The sharp flavor and crumbly texture of aged cheddar is delicious with toasted almonds! Try spicing the almonds with chili powder or paprika for an extra bite.


Cashews + Blue Cheese – Creamy cashews have finally met their match – tangy blue cheese! Mild flavored cashews give blue cheese the touch of crunch it was missing.


Pistachios + Parmesan – Pistachios and parmesan are made for each other! Both add an unexpected flavor to dishes, and you can’t go wrong serving them side by side.


Pecans + Brie – If it’s a combo of crunchy and creamy that you’re looking for, you’ll love raw pecans sprinkled on top of brie!


Walnuts + Goat Cheese – Walnuts have a smooth texture that goes great with goat cheese. Drizzle a little bit of honey on top to give the combo a sweeter, milder taste.


What kind of nut always makes an appearance on your cheese plate?