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    Fresh New Look Same Farm-to-Table Flavor

    Diamond of California, the century-old producer of “Made for Homemade” recipe nuts, has launched a brand new package design featuring its premium, recipe nuts in a bold red package adorned with captivating facts about the history of the company, origins of its family-owned nut farms, and classic recipes for homemade meals.

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    Want to try a new recipe or a classic favorite? We’ve got you covered.

    Whether it is for a healthy, everyday meal or an indulgent holiday treat, has hundreds of recipes for you to try. Search our recipe database by nut type, occasion, and even difficulty level! The possibilities are endless . . . and delicious.

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    Top it off with new Diamond Nut Toppings

    Diamond of California’s Nut Toppings are Diamond’s first sweetened and savory nuts, made from our signature recipes to add that perfect taste and crunch to any salad, yogurt, oatmeal, and dessert – or a satisfying snack all on their own.

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    Introducing Heirloom Reserve Walnuts, Pecans, & Marcona Almonds

    WHAT IS HEIRLOOM? In the world of fresh produce, Heirloom varieties are those that have often been passed down over generations, are uniquely beautiful, and are full of real flavor. With the passage of time, these delicious but often less conventionally beautiful heirlooms are becoming far less available.

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