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  • Diamond Walnut and Pecan Pie Crust packages on tableMobile version of Diamond Walnut and Pecan Pie Crust packages on table

    Introducing Walnut & Pecan Pie Crusts

    Try our NEW Ready to Use Nut Pie Crusts with your favorite sweet or savory recipes! A delicious way to enjoy the goodness of nuts.

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  • Slideshow photoMobile slideshow photo

    Be a Boss in the Kitchen Like Grandma Taught You

  • Package of Diamond of California Walnut Blend over tablePackage of Diamond of California Walnut Blend over table (mobile version)

    Experience The Art & Flavor Of Heirloom Reserve

    Rich in flavor, smaller harvests, simple ingredients

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  • 3 bags of chopped pecans, walnuts and almonds on a marble table.Mobile slideshow photo

    From the Farms to Your Table

    Our collective of farmers has been proudly growing Diamond of California walnuts in the Central Valley for generations.

    Meet our growers

  • Slideshow photoMobile slideshow photo

    Top it off with new Diamond Nut Toppings

    Diamond of California’s Nut Toppings are Diamond’s first sweetened and savory nuts, made from our signature recipes to add that perfect taste and crunch to any salad, yogurt, oatmeal, and dessert – or a satisfying snack all on their own.

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