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Diamond of California partners with food industry celebrities — from Martin Yan, master Chinese chef and host of Yan Can Cook, who loves Diamond Walnuts, to Tina Salter, TV cooking show producer, who assembled hundreds of nut recipes for her book, Nuts: Sweet and Savory Recipes from Diamond of California. Meet these celebrities in our Celebrity Kitchen, and learn more about their favorite nuts and favorite nut recipes.


Tina Salter

Producer of culinary TV shows and cookbook author

Martin Yan

Master Chinese chef, cookbook author and host of the popular Yan Can Cook

An avid nut fan, Tina Salter recently collaborated with Diamond of California to produce Nuts: Sweet and Savory Recipes from Diamond of California. Salter’s lifelong love affair with things culinary has included contributing to a dozen cookbooks and producing cooking shows for celebrity chefs such as Jacques Pépin, Martin Yan and Mollie Katzen. For Nuts, Salter collected recipes from some of these celebrity chefs and scoured Diamond’s overflowing archives.

You can catch Salter working out in the kitchen in a video clip from KRON 4’s “Daybreak,” hosted by Henry Tenenbaum.

Ready to rattle a few pots and pans yourself? Order Nuts at a special web price. Or try some of Salter’s Diamond recipes in our Recipe Box:

Martin Yan uses Diamond of California culinary nuts as well as Emerald Glazed Walnuts in many of his delicious Asian recipes. He knows that Diamond and Emerald products provide quick and easy solutions for perfect cooking and garnishing as well as snacking. Some of Yan’s recipes are featured in Diamond’s latest cookbook, Nuts: Sweet and Savory Recipes from Diamond of California.

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